HELP : Bad flash on a DDW-813s drive



I have a bad flash on my DDW-813S and I need to reflash it.
Can anyone help me with getting a binay for reflashinf this drive with Mtkflash ?
Thanks in advance


Sorry I have the ddw-451s drive in my 5005.


Is this in the right forum?


Unfortunately this drive can only be found in stand alone drive like LVW -5005…


Orphee - check out the LiteOn utility to extract binaries from .exe . It might work by changing the extension of the file from liteon.
Or if any of the users here that have the ddw-813s are willing to back up their drive f/w with Ltnfw or another program that does have it. I backed up mine from my 451s and got a 1024 size .bin file with omnipatcher.

Edit - Post your internal serial number and maybe with the same one can do it for you.


Many thanks for your help. I hope that anyone who has a ddw-813s will be kind enough to backup his drive with Ltnfw or Mtkflash


@Orphee - I just tried to do my 0098 f/w by changing the extension to .exe then using Xflashx. No go :a .As per the Codeguys it wont work anymore since Liteon really started messing with their f/w’s and changing things around. They were changing the algorithm so often the codeguys stopped modding the program. Can’t blame them.

It looks like your going to have to get a firmware from somebody who has backed up their f/w from a 5005 that has the ddw-813s drive.

Do you have your internal serial number from when the unit worked? Maybe somebody has or will back up their f/w and send it to you. Hopefully!

C’mon guys, it’ll take about 10 minutes and hooking up your 5005 to a PC. It’s a good thing to do and if ya ever have a bad flash yourself it’ll save you from sending your 5005 back to LiteOn.


Only able to get to this tonight.

2 separate but should be identical backups of ddw813s firmware B208 (as reported by Nero) zipped together with jpg of nero

backup tool:

This link may not last more than a week from 5/27/05 8:20PM Eastern time


@thrunner - Thanks I hope it helps Orphee, he never stated what country or internal serial number he has. What is yours?

If anybody else want to do this for any LVW-XXXX do it and identify your model, country and internal serial and I’ll collect them so if anybody needs them we’ll have them available. It’ll be good for you and everybody else. Back them up and use yousendit.



My unit is model LVW5005 (USA) manufactured Nov 2004
sn 0102-1840-0098-B208 (113-010D)

I don’t think the model matters too much as long as the drive is the same DDW-813S

I think from various recent posts, you can even use a LiteON PC drive as a replacement as long as you can physcially make it fit.

AFAIK, this is the most recent drive firmware for DDW-813S, althought the recorder unit firmware is not the latest (as we know, there exists a ‘drive’ as well as a ‘recorder’ firmware).


@thrunner - Thanks again. UR probably right about the model but I wasn’t sure about the country either, but having all the info is great.

Thanks Again for the info

Edit - I been asking how to get the drive tray faceplate off without breaking it , but I can’t find out how yet. Any body know how?


Many many thanks thrunner for your help. I will try this firmware tonight


Orphee - Where are you ? How did you make out with thrunner’s .bin firmware ?


Dear Orphee !! (and of corse everyone…)

I can offer you the original Firmware from the ddw-813s which is used in my stand alone dvd Recorder 5006. The Firmware is called " B208 "
It is still up todate (Dec.24. 2004) and a unscrambeled, 1024 Kb bin File, which I saved with mtkflash before changing it…

You can reflash it using mtkflash in plain Dos mode, all other Utilitys seems to suck :frowning:

Give me your email Adress, The file will follow …


Is backing up the FW a good idea regardless or just if you do things like hack it? Is it just as easy for the other models? (5001)
Where can I find instructions to do this?


Orphee is gone but this thread lives on:

There are only two reason I can think of offhand that you would want to back up your ‘drive burner’ firmware:
(1) some have experienced bad burns after the drive update and they think it is the new drive firmware.
(2) some can ‘hack’ or patch the drive firmware to recognize more media by using some tools available for patching LiteOn burners.

In any case, you would need a long IDE 40 pin cable to hook up your Windows PC to the LiteON 5xxx series (after opening the top cover, 4 screws in all I think). WinXP should recognize the drive and you can then use the utility:
backup tool:

to back up the drive firmware.

I have not read any confirmation that you can actually rescue a drive or expand your media selection this way after a questionable new drive firmware update. It doesn’t really hurt to backup if your are handy with the PC.


I haven’t new firmware for 813s. But I have old one. You can try this. :bow:


i have an acer laptop with a liteon slw-813s drive i accidentely flashed the drive with the wrong firmware nd can not revert. please help


Have you tried MktFlash at
If that doesn’t work, you might try posting query at LiteON burner forum there.


Hi- I had a bad flash on my Gateway AR230. Does anyone have the firmware for the LiteOn DVD+RW DDW813S drive? I need it so I can try and re-flash the drive. My PC does not reccognize the drive at all. Your help is appreciated.