Help:Bad Flash: Can't boot with ARTEC DHM-G48 DVD-ROM!

I recently flashed my Artec DHM-G48 DVD-ROM drive with Winmtk Flasher. Unfortunately I accidentally flashed it with the wrong firmware. Windows froze when the progress bar in Winmtk reached 100%.

I restarted my computer but it froze during POST while detecting IDE drives. My Artec DHM-G48 is set at slave with my NEC ND-2500A at master.

My comp. will only post if I unplug the IDE Cable. I downloaded the correct firmware for the ARTEC DHM-G48 but don’t know how to flash since I can’t post with the drive attached.

Is there anyway to fix this?!

Thanks, Jonathan.

Hi jman,

Try this:
Go into your bios, and change the setting for the artec to “none” instead of “auto”. You didn’t give any of your computer specs (operating system, type of motherboard, etc). But on my comp I can disable the cdrom in the bios and windows will still see it. I have WinXP, and an Asus motherboard with an Award bios. It also works on my other comp running Win2k, also with an Asus motherboard.

But, because your bios cant even see it, I’m not sure Windows will either. I don’t know about the Artecs, but some drives if you mis-flash them, theyre toast :sad: Try putting the Artec in a different PC maybe, and who knows maybe it will see it?

Maybe someone who knows more about the Artecs and mis-flashing problems can help you out. Bummer deal dude, I hope you can fix it. For the future, remember that flashing firmware (especially the wrong one) is a dangerous thing to do. It’s kinda like they say in construction, “measure twice, cut ONCE” :wink: Good luck

I did what you said and it still wouldn’t post with the DVD drive connected.

My Specs are the following:
Mobo: Soltek SL-75MRN-L
CPU: Barton 2500 with stock HSF
Vid Card: Ati Radeon 9500 softmodded to Radeon 9700
HD: WD 120GB Special Editon 8 MB cache
RAM: 2X256 MB Corsair XMS modules
DVD-+RW: NEC-ND-2500A with latest Herrie’s hacked firmware.

I really hope I didn’t fry the drive. For now I am going replace the Artec drive with a spare Lite-on CD Burner that I have.

Get (or extract) .BIN firmware and try THIS
Make sure you can use DOZE and please READ before flash. :wink:

But pinto, if he can’t even get past the post, how’s he going to boot from a floppy? You still have to get past the post even to boot from a floppy right?

I don’t know how he’s gonna fix this one, kinda sounding like his drive is dead. Maybe I’m wrong and somehow he can do it. But if he can’t get past post no matter what he does, it may be a lost cause. Anyone else have other ideas for this guy?

I have never used MKTFlash, is there an option to flash a drive which is connected to an additional PCI IDE card? In this way maybe the PC could be able to boot… of course he has to get his hands on an IDE card…


I replaced the Artec drive with a lite-on CD Burner as the secondary slave and in post it gives me a secondary slave fail error. When I go into bios it displays the NEC-ND-2500A as the secondary master, but displays a jumble of letters where the lite-on drive should be in the secondary slave position.

Try to re-detect your drives into the BIOS…


How do I re-detect my drives?

No problem. If I recall right mtkflash is kind´a blind… :wink:
Disconnect the drive before bootup. Connect the drive when booted in doze.
Apply the flash.

Note. It´s a long time since I did this on a Lite-On drive. I´m not sure it will work on all mtkflash-compatible drives.

BTW, read HERE as well for other suggestions.

Thanks for all your great advice I’ll try it and update as soon as I can on the results.


One of my problems was that the power connector for the Artec drive wasn’t in all the way.

However, after I fixed the power connector, the drive still wouldn’t work, but would post. MTKFlasher didn’t work for me.

Luckily, The 2.97 driver for the Artec drive had a .bat file that automatically flashed the drive when loaded in dos.

Thanks you guys so much for all your help!

Glad that you managed to fix it. :slight_smile:

All the best