Help - Bad day or what for me?

Basically i tried flashing my 32123S to a 40x burner. and guess what, in mid flash, my floppy disk screws up, and windows won’t recognise the floppy disk, which had my backup on.

where do i go from here? retry flashing it?

i nearly threw up when i saw that error message, and i still feel queasy.

I would also appreacite if someone knew where a 32123S firmware was, preferrably the first one, so i can get it back to ‘factory condition’.

the only reason i flashed it was that i had some problems writing disks with the latest 321… firmware.

so any help would be grately apprecated.


I’m not sure if you’ll still be able to reflash your Liteon once you experience a problem during a flash. Most hardware will become unusable if an error occurs while updating its firmware.

Anway, the website provides various firmware versions for the 32123S drive:

You might need to use the MKTFlash tool to update the firmware as the flash tool with 32123s will expect to see an existing 32123s firmware already present on the drive. I also got the original 32123s firmware backed up.

Before you create a boot disk/firmware disk, open a DOS window by clicking ‘Start’, ‘Run’ and typing in Command (CMD in Windows NT/2000/XP) and press Enter. Type ‘FORMAT A: /U’ and confirm that you want to format. If it reports any bad sectors, then do NOT use that disk.

Before you shutdown to reboot your PC, eject and reinsert the floppy to clear the cache do the following:

Open a DOS window again and then type:

COPY A:*.* /b NUL

This will read every file on the root directory of the floppy. NUL means ‘no destination’, i.e. only read the source files. If all goes well, i.e. no error, then the floppy disk is fine.

Thanks, im going to try re-flashing it now.

hope this works :smiley:


Waheh, it works - the burner is working much better now :slight_smile: