HELP! Bad Burns / Generic Benq 1620 Pro Drive

I just purchsed this benq drive last week and I haven tried everything I can think of to try and get a good burn. I have tried -r and +r media / G7Z9 and G7P9 firmware along with B7T9 firmware. Can someone please help me and tell me what I am doing wrong. I have attached a copy of a quality scan of the best disc I have burned so far. All of the discs I have burned are peeking at the end and most are failing.



I don’t know anything about Daxon media, but I have excellent results with TY media - genuine (direct from or supermediastore) and branded (Fuji and TDK). Verbatims have been “OK”, though not the greatest. Try to get ahold of some TY media + or -.

If I had to guess I’d say you just got a bad batch of media. Not too much you can do about it. :sad:

  1. Show us some of the other burns that you have done with some of the other media types - both good and bad.

  2. Errors ramping up near the end of the burn usually indicate that the disc has been burned too fast, since the most difficult area for most burners is the area near the end of the disc. I believe the 1620 will offer to burn those Daxon AZ2 discs (likely BenQ brand) at the full 16X. If this is the speed you burned it at, then try slowing it down to 12X or perhaps 8X and see what happens. It’s still fairly difficult to get a really good burn at the full 16X with most discs.

  3. Your scan is continually pausing (drive motor shutting down and then starting up) at the 8X scan rate. While this will normally happen when a disc is scanned at 12X and 16X, it should not happen at an 8X scan (note that 8X and maximum are the same for a 1620). People have reburned their firmware a second time (with the same firmware version) to correct this.

  4. B7T9 is generally considered to be a good firmware (I like it), but some people have more luck with B7P9. Burners can be a bit picky about the firmware that they like to work at, due to drive manufacturing tolerances.

  5. Some people say these ramps at the end of the burn can be corrected by loading an older firmware B7L9. Set aside three test discs - they will be sacrificed during this process. You then burn a couple of the test discs with this firmware (clicking CDSpeed menu items “Run Test->Create Data Disc” is the easiest way to do this). Finally, you update back to either B7P9, B7T9, or possibly B7U9. Make sure you reboot after changing the firmware; a complete power off is perhaps not a bad idea too. Finally, burn the third test disc and then scan them all with CDSpeed. I can neither confirm nor deny that this process will make any difference - but some people claim that it does.

Spartane. I will try your ideas this afternoon and post my results. Thanks a million for the help.


Is there a solid rule “when” it appears and “how” it is cured? I see the spin down-up during most of my 8x scan (1 our of 20 cases, it scans smoothly, I don’t know how I can deactivate it). I flashed its firmware quite a few times between P9, T9, U9 and between the same firmwares, but it never disppeared. I don’t think my 1620 is defective; it has produced so many good burns.

I thought it’s a kind of a hidden software issue, because someone always sees it while others never. It’s hard to believe a firmware flash issue is related here. Basically, everybody uses the same firmware.

fsh42na…what speed were those tg02 burnt at??? 16x or 12x?

I still keep getting a spike I have burned 4 +r dvd’s. Below 2 of the burns. Plus I am not having problems trying to burn -r media. Are people with the Generic drives having sucess using the “B” firmware instead of the “G”? I can’t believe its the media because my pioneer drive burns the -r fine and I don’t get the peek at the end like i do with these. Any direction to go in would be greatly appreciated. If there is a way to see if the drive is bad someone let me know.



I am pretty sure it is your media…can you pickup another brand to try

Gosh… “getting a spike”? :rolleyes:
Never seen something like this, and jitter of 22+… :eek:

Try to run a transfer rate test on one of these discs. Report back.

Also do as suggested in post above by nealh.

Note. For a good burn no PO failures are accepted. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a test I just ran going back to the original firmware. Pelase let me know what you guys think of the results. I have uploaded the Data Disc screen shot and the Quality Test Results.

Thanks again for all the help.


There’s no solid rule. It just seems to disappear after a flash - but as you’ve stated, not always. Make sure that when you flash you run the BenQ executable rather than via WinDWFlash.exe, since it might do a bit more than just flash the drive.

I don’t like any of the burns, although the last one is not too bad, based on the low PIF’s. I suspect that this problem might be related to the DAXON AZ2 media. I’ve never been too impressed with this media, so I think you should try a different media.

ProdiscR03 is a cheap 8X media that burns well at 12X speed with this burner. A common supplier of Prodisc media is SmartBuy. Another cheap 8X media that should work well at 12X with the 1620 is Ritek R03.

You mentioned that you’ve burned -R media successfully. What do those scans look like?

Here is a pic of the Quality Scan from a Ritek -R 4x Media.

Ritek with MCC dye? err…Do you have another media to try? Either TY + or -, and MCC +.


sorry for the late response. My discs were burned at 8x. Wasn’t in too much of a rush. :slight_smile:

Just use good media from quality brand. After month and month of burning, testing, i have wasted about 100 or 150 dvd. So the result was not an hardware problem but really a poor media quality problem. If you see all my post you can i have a lot of problems. Now i just use quality media (verbatim, ritek(under ritek brand), ty). So now i have only good result (g04 are best than g05 on 1620).

My best burning was with benq 16 +r media (phillips c16 @ 16x).

So dont by ritek or mcc that or not good brand. All the time there are crap. For example i have buy datawrite 8x +r media = just 2 good on 25.

This my opinion after 2 years of burning = just quality media.

P.S: you can buy crap media, but after dont come here to cry.

I’ve crossflashed my firmware from G to B and had no problems so far :slight_smile: (2 coasters, verbatim MCC 03, prob. media problem). I only use +R or +RW media - Verbatim, Philips and Ricoh. See attched.

Your avalanche at the end of the burn is not good. Either both medias are bad (quite possible) or you have a bad 1620.

I think you should test with one of the recommended medias and if you still have a problem then you should probably flash back to the original firmware and return the drive for a replacement.

Damn you guys are GOOD :slight_smile: It was the media. I picked up a 25 pack of Verbatim +R today at best buy and this is how they turned out. I need to buy more can you guys give me a suggestion on where to buy some and what brand I should buy.

Thanks a bunch to everyone that posted.