Help: bad burn with 108!



someone has experiences with this disk:

brand cd_media, dvd-r an31;
will it be an isolated case?


Shit media = shit results. What speed did you burn at?


an31 and prico are two of the worst medias on the planet


yep, AN31 media stinks … anything else is better.


the 108 burn princo fine.
a good master should also be all right with poor disks!


It’s been said: poor media == poor results!

Try to read back your Princos in a few weeks, you’ll probably never use Princos again then…


Please, again, what speed did you burn this disk at?


take a look it says 4x


always @4x.

I have tried to write a cd_media an31 with sony dru 700a, fate il confronto.

I also show the worse gotten result writing disks princo with pioneer_108;
is it written badly?


Read the answers again, it’s been said already.