Help backing up w/ Nero

I have 2 DVD players. An older Panasonic that is not rated to play any recordable DVDs and a brand new Sony SLV-D360 DVD/VCR combo upstairs for the kids. The Sony is supposed to play all formats including DVD-R.

Since the Sony is for the kids to use, I thought it would be a good idea to back up DVDs for the kids to handle in case they scratch them ect. So I set out to make a copy of March of the Penguins. I have DVD43 on my computer and the latest updates of Nero 6, including Recode. Since I only have one DVD drive, a TDK 8x DVD-R/RW +R/RW, I used Nero Recode to with DVD43 running the background to import the entire movie disk. Recode automatically compressed the movie to fit on the backup disk and burned it without a hitch.

The disk plays fine in my old Panasonic DVD player, but when I put it in the Sony, it just spins and spins unrecognized. Thinking it might be the TDK media I used, I burned the movie again on Tayio Yuden media. Same results. Then I put a photo slide show DVD I burned on the TDK media in ProShow Gold into the Sony and it works fine. Then I put a backup copy of a Muppet Show disc I burned using DVD Decrypter in the Sony and it works fine too.

This leads me to think that the problem is with Nero and some type of incompatibility with the Sony player. Any thoughts or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks