HELP~Backing up to DVD

Hey all, I need to backup 9gigs of data, I have a DVD burner LG GSA-H10A and I have a bunch of DVD-R media. I tried backing this up using Nero’s BackITup program but after 12 HOURS it is at 2 PERCENT. I tried using Acronis TrueImage Workstation, but it does not recognize my DVDs. I really need help, thx!

You can use try nero start smart and select data disk and select up to about 4.39 gigs on each dvd and see if that works . You can also try a double layer dvd and I think the limit is about 8.5 gigs but I am not sure. Good luck.

What I want to know is whether backing up to DVD normally takes THIS LONG, 12 hours and having 2 percent done is crazy. Maybe you can recommend other software I can try, thx…

What version of nero do you have ?? Can these data files be split up to fit on a dvd that holds about 4.39 gigs ??. I backed up alot of mp3 files this way. Roxio has software but I have not used it lately where you can back up data or another solution is to back it up to an external hard drive.

i have Nero 6 Ultra Edition and I am backing up mp3s, programs, and pics, again using Nero’s builtin back up program…

As i said I used nero’s data backup and selected the files and had no problem except you have to limit the dvd to about 4.39 gigs. Give it a try you have and hope it works for you. select make data dvd and then add files.

I did not answer your question as to how long it should take to write a dvd- if at 16x about 5 minutes or at 8x less than 10 minutes. What media are you using?? Added do you have nero’s incd installed-if you do I would uninstall it.

Man, thanks alot, making a Data DVD took ~8minutes, no problems, i’m using Nero for that. backing up using Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image is like cracking a Linux shell, it drives you to madness…

Its great I may have helped you a little.

Here is the answer on their website.
It’s useful to read the FAQ

Which FAQ is “the answer” to his question Cornfleix?

I’d like to know, because I have Acronis and it does nothing but freeze up my computer.