Help Backing up Sims Hot Date


I got Liteon 40x12x48 and I want to backup my copy of Sims Hot Date. I own the game, but before I give the $60 game to my bro to throw around I wanna insure my money.

Anyway, Im read around and tried everything. Nero, CloneCD, BlindWrite but none of them work.

Well, Nero doesnt work, full stop. It complains about some shit and doesnt do it. CloneCD sort of does work, It does “Writing Dummy Data xxx” and Scanning Bad Sectors, but it takes aggggges.

Was showing 15kBytes/s, is that normal?

All I want to do is copy the CD exactly how it is, I own it with full reciepts and have nothing to hide.

Can someone please tell me exactly what to do?

Is it normal to take like 10hr+ going at 15kByes/s ?

Even BlindWrite was doing that when I tried to make an image, it said 10kBytes/s and 18hours to go.

My system is highend and I think my Liteon should be able to do it.

ive searched the forums and read alot, still stuck.

Please tell me exactly wat to do.

Have you read the thousands of topics about Sims Hot Date on this forum already?

Besides, if you own the game you can back it up, but if you then give away the original to your brother, your backup would no longer be legal…