Help backing up Safedisk 2&3

Hey all.

DOes anyone know the best way to copy games using Safedisk 2/3 protection (ie. EA games)? I’m trying to make a backup of Syberia 2 (SD 3)and Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkarban (SD 2). I have tried with Alcohol 1.4.8 build 1222 and with Blindwrite I use this Blindwrite because it seems this is the only one I can use to copy Securom games (Made a backup of Thief 3 with it). For some reason Safedisk games are giving me problems. I have a Liteon 52x24x52 burner and I don’t see any reason why these backups are not working. Any help is apreciated. Thanks.

Hi omerta,

-Using Alcohol in your case SafeDisc profile for reading and writing at slow speed like 4x should work.

-Using Blindwrite reading subcodes uncheck, nibble checked and use slow speed. For writing enhance weak sectors checked, include autoplay unchecked and use RAW DAO mode for writing at slow speed.