Help backing up PS2 Games, please. Thank you

I am fairly intelligent when it comes to all this stuff I suppose but I must be doing something wrong here and maybe some of you could help me out or at least point me in the right direction…

I am trying to backup PS2 games. I am assuming that DVD-R not DVD+R discs are best for copying? I am using a Toshiba 8X Dual-Layer burner and ahve another regular DVD-Rom reader but have decided to just use the Toshiba burner to both read and burn to allow for greater functionality. I have multiple software choices like Alchohol 120%, Clone CD, and Clone DVD, and Nero6. I am assuming that possibly Alcohol 120% is the best package to use? Is this correct?

I basically need some overall help in trying to make a procedure for copying PS2 games using just a few pieces of software and the least possible steps to get there, but I’m willing to put in the time and reasearch it takes. I have not found a reliable source of information yet on the internet (until now). Any help at this point would be greatly appreciated. Thank You for your time.


OH (I just remembered) I am using a PS2 system that doesn’t use a hardware mod chip, instead I’ve elected to go the non-soldering route by using the Action Reply disc to play backups. Does anyone have comments on this as well?

Have you tried Dvd Decryptor? If not you can download at (freeware)
Using the -r for PS2 is better seeing some of the earlier versions of do not read +r

Make sure you are using quality media and when you use Decrytor go into mode/iso/read
and then look under file and click on decrypt and wait till done the go back into mode/iso/write
I slow my down as slow as i can and never have a ploblem with a back up playing

I cant help you with the Action Replay I have never done it that way

hope this helps

A soldered chip is really the only practical solution. When you factor in TOC sizes, multiple swaps, ect. the no-solder options are really a pain. The HDloader (and variants) is probably the best no-solder option but it isn’t 100% compatible with all games.

Thanks. I think that’s the reson why it doesn’t work because I’ve been trying to use +R instead of -R. I’ll try that instead.