Help backing up GTA3 with CloneCD 4

Ok I’m running a P3 866 with Win XP. My cd burner is an Acer 12X8X32 CD-RW. I have clonecd 4 and have tried many different ways to backup the game. Can someone help me and give me a detailied description on how to do this, or tell me if my config’s bad. I’m not even able to make an image of the play CD in cloneCD 4, all it does is it sits there and goes at 201KB/sec during the first few seconds, and then fluctuates between 0-10 kb/sec. Additionally, in the log it says “Failed to read sector 858” (numbers varie from sector 858-2000)

After 8 minutes of ‘reading session 1 of 1 from CD’ it still says 0% complete

those are part of the copy protection let it work through them, it may take more than 8 minutes even more than 30 but let it run