Help Backing Up Games With Alcohol 120%- Cant Select Datatype

hi guys. i got a-ray scanner & clonyxxl to scan my game disks to see what protection they have. i also got the full version of alcohol 120%. however, when i go into the image making wizard on the bottom left hand side, where you select the datatype, it only appears for about a half second. i dont have time to select the protection. when i go into image making wizard, it says customize, then it dissapears. it must be set on custom or something, do you know how to fix this? also, on clonyxxl what are the skulls for? the protection on my games werent detected on clonyxxl sometimes. the protection for my games were: GUILD WARS FACTIONS-NONE/UNKNOWN. FAR CRY-SAFEDISC 3.20.022(V2 ON CLONYXXL). F.E.A.R-SECUROM DVD. QUAKE4-SAFEDISC 4.60.00(V2 ON CLONYXXL). HALF LIFE2 EPISODE1-NONE/UNKNOWN. OBLIVION-NONE/UNKNOWN. THE MOVIES-SAFEDISC 4.60.000.(V2). BLACK & WHITE-SAFEDISC (V2). PREY-SECUROM & IS THIS ABOUT RIGHT?? also, does anyone know of any other scanners?? I WOULD APPPRECIATE ANY HELP OR IDEAS YOU MAY HAVE. THANK YOU

If it’s a dvd rather than a cd there are no datatypes to select.

ClonyXXL is out of date. Use A-Ray scanner or Protection ID instead.

what do you mean if its a dvd theres no datatype to select? i think most if not all my games are pc-dvd rom. is that why the image making wizard wont let me choose a datatype??

Exactly what I said. If it’s a dvd, there are no datype options to select. Your only options are to ignore read errors and to do a dpm analysis.

what do you mean if its a dvd theres no datatype to select? i think most if not all my games are pc-dvd rom. is that why the image making wizard wont let me choose a datatype??

ok. i tried copying F.E.A.R. sorry i hit the send button by mistake

ok. i tried copying F.E.A.R to disk using alcohol 120%. i scanned the disk with clonyxxl, a-ray, & protection id, then created an image & burned it with alcohol. the game is on the disk, but when i try to install it from the copied disk, it gets 3 quarters of the way through & displays a cyclic redundancy check error. i looked this up on google & it says its something to do with either the disk being scratched /dirty, or my burners firmware isnt up to date. i downloaded the fiemware for my drive as it wasnt up to date, but havent installed it yet. do you think this is the cause of the error? also, could you please tell me how to upgrade the firmware for my burner. i got it from the firmware page & read somewhere you have to disconnect all other cd/dvd drives & boot into safe mode to install it. is this true? if not can you tell me how to do it? thanks for the help so far. its well appreciated

If the game won’t install from the back-up copy, it’s simply a bad burn. Try again with better quality media, at slower burning speed or both.

You say you’ve scanned the disc with protection scanners but you’ve not reported the protection used. It sounds you’ve used the wrong settings to me. I’m pretty sure FEAR uses a version of SecuRom. What speed are you obtaining the DPM at?

Try scanning the installation direction with a-ray or protection ID.

hi, the results i got for F.E.A.R was that it uses securom. a-ray didnt detect it, but clonyxxl does. all it said was: disk show signs of securom protection. then it said securom dvd. im burning with mitsubishi black diamond rw disks, octron rw disks, & disks that have no name on them. they have a bix & flames on them & come in silver or gold. (poundland i think, 4 for a pound). what do you mean what speed am i obtaining the dpm at? if you mean speeds for reading & burning the disk, i tried it at maximum. but now know to set read & burn speeds as low as possible. now, disks. what disks would you reccommend for burning? be it games, music, or films. thanks

With Securom you need to use Data Position Measurement (DPM) and when given the choice, obtain it at Maximum speed.