Help Backing Up DVDS



Hello, I’m new to the whole backing up DVDs and I THINK* I got half way through the process. I downloaded Any DVD and I think I got the DVD on my comp. Problem is I need to get it onto a blank DVD now. What i’m wanting is for it to be an exact duplicate (intro, menu, ect) as the original.

So far I downloaded Any DVD, took like 30 minutes to get it on my PC and now I am left with this:

So what do I do now to get it done? Is there a much faster way of doing it? I will take all the help I can get! Thanks in advance!


If the total size of the files is less than 4.37 GB (or ~4,700,000,000 bytes), then you are almost there. Just use a program like nero to burn the files in a DVD-Video compatible manner. Alternatively, search for and use imgtool classic to make a .iso file out of the files- which can then be burned by any burning program (including the free imgburn).

If the total size exceeds 4.37GB, you will have to either cut content or reencode/transcode the video.