Help Backing up DVD

Im trying to backup Bad Boys 2. Ive tried DVD X Copy but after compressing the file onto my harddrive and inserting the blank media i get an error.

So i see lots of ppl recommending DVD Decrypter. How do i go about compressing the file and copying it??
What modes do i use to compress and what not??


I use DVD decrypter to get the dvd to my HD,
(i havn’t changed anything in the settings)

Then i use dvd2one to make it fit on 1 dvd (if necessary).

And then i burn it on dvd with nero.

Decrypter will only rip the files to the hard drive. It will not compress them down to a size that will fit onto a dvdr disk.

Download DVDShrink and use it instead. The latest version, 3.1.2 will rip, compress and even burn with Nero. It is a free download, look here:
Lots of information on that site on how to use the program.

If you run into a dvd that Shrink can’t rip to the hard drive, or if you want to remove rce protection (not common), use DVDDecrypter in file mode to put it on the hard drive and then use Shrink (tell it to open files instead of a disk).

Decrypter has other uses though. If you are working with a dvd that you know doesn’t need compression—not often found in commercial dvds—you can read it in iso mode, putting it on the hard drive, then write in iso mode onto a new blank disk.

I backed up Bad Boys 2 with no probs at all using an up to date version of anydvd which cracked the CSS Key straight away. I then used CloneDVD 2 and stripped the extras and the menus. This meant that the copy was compressed to about 85% which was pretty good when I got round to watching it. Very simple method. Hope this helps.