HELP Backing up DVD with NERO Express

Hello all,

I am a newbie and do not know much about backing up DVD, so any comments and help is appreciated!

I just purchased a new PC that has a CD recording drive and a DVD Recording Drive. I am trying to backup a DVD with Nero Express (i just have Nero Express because it came with the PC) but I am unable to select the DVD Recorder as the destination drive to burn the image. The DVD Recorder is an LG and is properly installed. I know this because I am able to see DVD films using this drive.

Is this a problem with Nero Express? Is there some “trick” to make it recognize the DVD? Do I have to download some patch to recognize the LG drive?

Thanks for your patience and help

It’s possible, though it would be rather unfortunate, that the copy of Nero installed is an OEM copy supplied with the CD-RW drive. If that is the case, it’s possible that it’s one of those OEM copies of Nero that is limited in the drives it works with.

However, there are other possibilities. It would help if you posted the make and model of the DVD drive, and the version of Nero installed. It could be that the version of Nero installed is too old to support your DVD writer.


The dvd recorder is an LG and the model is GSA-4081B.
I am using Nero Express version


Try upgrading to Nero -

The GSA-4081B is a very new drive, and that old version of Nero isn’t going to support it. It may be that there’s no support for this drive in - if so, the only easy option is to upgrade to Nero 6.



thanks for your help. I got nero 6 and now it works fine.

It’s a shame that Nero supplies outdated software. I can understand that they supply a version with only the main features… but to supply such an old version seems ridiculous.

Anyway now its working fine. Once again thanks for your help!

It wasn’t Nero that supplied that old software, unless it came from a Nero CD, in which case that’s because they can’t make a CD copy of every version (you’re always better downloading the latest version from the Nero web site). If anyone is to blame, it’s really whoever assembled the computer, assuming that they installed Nero for you. has been around for, I believe, at least two months - came along a little later and adds some extra drive support.