Help Backing up AVCHD or MTS files!

I have a question concerning my Canon VIXIA HFM31 camcorder. I transferred all video footage into my computer and it all works flawlessly, but I want to back them up just in case. I tried to put it into an external hard drive, but it won’t play on any other computer! I just appears as a .mts file that won’t open. How can I get these videos backed up and working?

Thanks in advance.

I’m not too clear on what you are doing here. You transferred your videos to the computer and “it all works flawlessly”. What are you using to play the files on this computer?

Transferring them again, to an external drive, and now they don’t play at all? Even if you hook the external drive to the original computer and play with whichever media player you used before?

Straight copies to an external drive should not change any of the data.

VLC media player should handle most .mts or .m2ts files with HD video. If you run into one that VLC cannot play, you could try BSPlayer or Gom Player or Media Player Classic HomeCinema (all free). The commercial program I like best is called Arcsoft TotalMedia Theater 3 Platinum.

It plays on windows media player on my computer with the hard drive connected, but when the hard drive is plugged into a different computer the files do not open as they are supposed to.

If the files on the external drive play correctly on the original computer, then the files are probably copied correctly. Do the other computers have the same operating system and the exact same version of WMP?

Try one of the media players suggested earlier on the other computers and see if they will open the files.