HELP! Authoring DVDs... Files too big?

Im REALLY new at burning dvds… in fact ive NEVER burned a DVD in my life ahhaha (Except Mini-DVDs) I just got a dvd burner yesterday. I’m trying to burn some episodes of a tv show (350mb DivX files) and I can fit them onto a 4.7gig DVD when i try to burn them on Nero but I made these menus on Sony DVD Architect and I really want to burn them with these menus but when I put the divx files into the project its too big so i reduce the bitrate with the optimize dvd thing… But when I click fit to disc it doesnt allow me to burn because the Bitrate is too low… How come I can fit them all on Nero but not on Sony DVD Architect? Help! I really want to burn these files! Im trying to burn at least 3 on a single dvd… It fits in nero just not DVD Architect… :frowning: :sad:

save yourself many hours of stuffing about = use nerovision express in make dvd video mode. add you avi video files, make a menu …

but i hate the menus of nero… :frowning: hahaha i made these awesome menus on dvd architect. I would burn it on Nero Vision Express if they had good menu makers, fully customizable like DVD Architect… Any help?

I did that months ago, added an avi in nero using the make your svcd option (not DVD) and I got a coaster. It had big black bars on the sides so the pic was a postage stamp in the middle of the screen and it was jittery and the sound worbled(?) It seemed like the prog was converting on the fly as it was burning the disc. It was a while back but I did use that option with an mpeg file and it was perfect.

Give nero express another round!

You can customize all your menus (new version?)

The problem here is that the AVIs have to be converted to MPEG2, and different programs do that in different ways.

Your best bet is to use a dedicated converter/encoder like Mainconcept, CCE, or TMPEnc … and THEN try to master the video. Yeah, it’s a bit of a learning curve… :frowning:

There are 2 relatively simple (to use) apps that are free & do a reasonable job, at least until you’re more experienced.
There are VSO DivxtoDVD & The film machine.
The film machine can produce very good results with a good encoder like Cinema Craft. Try it at It comes with a free encoder (QuEnc)

What you could do is go ahead and create your dvd but save the image to your hard drive and then compress it with Nero Recode. Thats what i’ve done whenever i wanted to fit more video than allowed on a dvd. If you use the 2-pass option when recoding the quality loss should be minimal.

Go to this website link below and the best one there is DVD styler! it should do what you want!