HELP! Audio Disappears After Encoding



After I convert AVI (movie) file with MPGEnc to a VCD format and test it on Windows Media Player, the new mpeg file plays video but the audio is absent. I used ChickenMan’s tutorial for the process. I even went as far as to burn a copy and the video played fine in my stand alone DVD player but still no audio. Please Help!!!


It could be that Tmpgenc does not like the audio stream inside the AVI file. You can find out by loading the origional AVI into Tmpgenc and see if the audio filename box has the AVI’s filename in it as well. If not then try to select it and hopefully the encoder will complain about a unsupported audio type.

If so then follow chickenmans excellent tutorial about using DVD2SVCD as it uses a seperate program to encode the audio (which is a lot better)


thank you very much…I did and it worked…I’m off to the races now…well maybe not the races seeing how the process takes so long but thanx again!