Help, At Wits End!

if anyone can help me here it would be fantastic. my laptop dvd burner will not recognise a blank will play/burn cds and play dvds, but will not burn dvds.

when i put a blank dvd in the drive it sees it as a cd! also in ‘my computer’ it says dvdram where it should say DVD-RW drive but when i right hand click for properties, under the general tab it says cd drive. also when i go to preferences to select what i want windows to do with a certain disc the first time it is put in the drive (ie. film-open with windows media player). the option is there for blank cd but not dvd.

tried updating drivers but windows says there are no updates available.

tried uninstalling device and re-booting computer for windows to re-detect the device

this device has always worked properly before( even though i haven’t used it for a while)

i have re-installed windows but then again i have done so about twice before and i never had a problem.

i have also compared with my pc which has a dvd burner and in my computer it says DVD RW

i have also compared with my mate who has a DVD read only drive and in my compter his says DVD RAM

it is obvious windows sees the drive as read only , but why?

please help as this is doing my nut in!! :sad::a:bow:

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Do you have Alcohol, Daemon Tools or any other virtual drive software installed?

Edit: if you do, don’t uninstall it, you can change some settings which might help. :wink:

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Your preciousss Windows XP doesn’t support writing to DVDs using the builtin CD Recording function; you’ll need a DVD recording tool of some kind, and there are both free and commercial tools available with different features.

For simple DVD burning you could e.g. use ImgBurn in [THREAD=222793]Build mode[/THREAD], CDBurnerXP, Nero or Roxio.

You can safely ignore that the icon in Windows Explorer changes to that of a CD-R when inserting a blank DVD - that is a known limitation (or bug) in Windows XP Explorer.

iam using nero 7, by the way i am quite well versed in dvd burning, trust me it is not something obvious

So I’m guessing there’s no Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools installed on the laptop at all then?

no why?

They both have settings which hide the disc type (CDR, DVD-R etc) so that games etc can run from backups/images.

This can often make burning software think the discs aren’t blank/writable.

i think my problem is a system problem or my burner is not telling the system it IS a burner (is that possible?)

What is the model name and number of the drive in question?

the drive is an lg even though you wont find it on their website bcause it was made for acer. however the number is HL-DT-ST GSA 4080n. i believe everything after the gsa is the important part

Have you tried cleaning the lens? On laptops it is exposed to more dust and such than other drives, I have found that just a little 90% isopropyl alcohol on a Q-tip very lightly then can air blast usually fixes the not seeing blank disk issue.

ok fair enough but what about the fact it shows up as DVD RAM in ‘my computer’, and not as DVD RW as it should?

Because it burns DVD-RAM. All my LGs show up as DVD-RAM drives (and so do my Samsung and LiteOn, which also support DVD-RAM).


then again why does my mates laptop show DVD RAM and his is play only (or what i call DVD ROM)

Use nero info tool and post which firmware it has. And yes it will show as dvd-ram as Arachne posted.

Being able read ram and write ram are 2 different things.

aww nuts, im in work at the moment so i cant give you that but i dont want to lose this link with you guys for i have a feeling you are going to lead me where i want to go, however i did all this earlier and i THINK the firmware started with a 5. if i saw the number now i could identify it straight away

no forget that , that was for xp drivers (sorry). do you think you could get a firmware update? i tried and failed miserably

To answer that need to know what it is now, but since the drive is a few years old and if you have not flashed newer firmware I would say chances are good. And we will be here till the end, no need to worry about getting lost in cyberspace.