Help asked for iso & ftp

This is a neewbie forum,so here I go:rolleyes:
Is there someone out there who can help me to give me some information about iso.(or where I can find it)
I meen how do I give people a chance to download something from me and how can I download(iso’s)from them?
Many people are telling me to go to ftp sites,but the only thing I know about ftp,is that it stands for file transport protocol and even that meens nothing to me.
So if you read this,remember one thing one time you have being a newbie yourself
thnkx for helping me out

Ill try to be brief anyone can add if they wish. K goto download FlashFXP the hell with any other progs. Install it etc… Goto a ftp site youll see an IP enter that in flafxp if its a pub (public) and you dont see any users or passes for it then its anonymous just check anonymous in flashfxp and hit connect. IF you cant delete that means the pub (the server connected too the ip) was deleted. To find the iso they usually leave a path like fr example temp/user/whatever/ghost2003 so use that to travel through what ever path they made. Also in the flashfxp options choose show hidden files.

You can use the search on ‘fxp’ and you might find some links to listings of FXP boards.
You might have to suck up and kiss some a$$es, because it is hard to get in these days.

Thank you guys :slight_smile:
It’s a start.
I’ll hope my next questions wil not be in the newbie forum again.
grtz Slaine

here is a nice link surely this is not only interesting for newbies

Good site it helped me a lot,:smiley:
thank you