Help! Artifacts and droped frames

I back my movies up useing DvdShrink and burn them with Nero Burn on ty 8x media useing a BenQ 1640 burner with bslb firmware (booktype dvd-rom). Problem is about half or more of the backup copies will either hang on playback, have artifacts or missing scenes. I burn at 8x speed and my ripper is a Liteon 16P9S. The copys act the same when played back on the PC or Sony DVD player.

          Any suggestions...... Hootal!

Burn at 4x speed and your problem should go away.


what was the compression level at?

on a 1640, ty media should at LEAST be able to be burned at its rated speed. the only thing i can think of is ridiculously high compression or a glitch in ripping.

do the files that you’ve ripped to your computer also show these problems or do the problems only appear when you burn?

i’d try again and in dvd shrink set the output to iso or files and see if your picture is messed up after compression so you don’t waste another disc.

is your burner old? maybe a good lens cleaning is in order. also, dusty discs while burning could contribute to the issue.

I did a rip to files and the problem is in the rip cycle. It happens with or without compression so I am assuming that I may have a problem with my reader. I have one on the way from Newegg as we speak(for another machine) I will test it out with the new drive and see what happens.

Thanks for the response! Hootal…

glad you found the problem! now it’s just a matter of fixing. I’d imagine a brand new drive would do the trick, but you could try cleaning the lens, and I’d give the disc a good wipedown as well just in case.

although if you’ve already got a new drive on the way, no need to try the other fixes if you don’t mind waiting…this will just give you more to play with once you get the new one installed!