Help! Apex dvd player not working

I just got a Apex AD-1165 dvd player and went to hook it up. It powered on just fine but when I pressed the open button nothing happened. :confused: I tried again with no luck. Could the drive be jammed. Any suggestions will be very helpfull. Thanks.

I have one of these as well and not had a problem yet, I mainly got it for the kids being so cheap if the broke it i wasnt out alot of money, I like it. has played anything i put in it from+r,-r to + or - rw or vcd’s.

however i have a friend that has had one and was nothing but trouble. he had to do little things like put something in place between the top of cover and were the dvd sits so it would even read and sometimes it wouldnt eject and so on…he finally gave up and got a new one