Help! AnyDVD

Not a clue how to use this now that I have it! I’m running XP. Shouldn’t I be able to put a DVD into one Reader and copy it to a second?

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If I understand correctly you are trying to do a so called “on the fly” copy. Anydvd is not sufficient to do this. It only allow to unscramble the disc, but to do a copy you need another software like clonedvd (also from slysoft) or dvd shrink.

My suggestion is to do a copy on your HDD first, and then burn on a disc.

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As geno said, you need burning software. ANYDVD just runs in the background removing the encryption and region code, making it possible to copy. You still need something to burn it with.

you can try dvd43 runing in the background then srink, or nero if it fits.
I think you would perfer dvd43 rather then anydvd, just my luck,ymmv


As other have said, AnyDVD is a ripper that rips in the background as you copy the video to a folder on your hard drive.

To write the ripped data to a DVD you need a program like CloneDVD 2 which like AnyDVD is made and sold by SlySoft.

To get an idea about how CloneDVD 2 works visit this page of mine: