Help Another BTC question

I have an I/O magic dvdrw 1016 DL 16x burner. I can burn fine. However, I cannot play burned dvds in my Oritron dvd-3112 dvd player. They will play in my old Sanyo player. I am burning single layer dvds using Imation, TDK, Memorex, Verbatim and Maxell. I also have a Sony 540A burner and all burnt media works fine in Oritron. This burner has been replaced 2x I have done firmware upgrade. I use DVD shrink and DVD decrypter and Nero 7. Any suggestions on what to try next? This is really bugging me.

You can only try with +R media bitsetted to DVD-ROm.
Otherwise your problematic player is useless for such media.

I have only used the DVD+r, even the 16x media. I burned at slower speed and I also tick to check data after burn.

i had a old pioneer dvd player that will only play media i burn at 4x using my Btc burner. the same player will play the same media burn with my Benq at 12x on 8x staple media