Help and advice LVW 1105hc+


Hi i own the above player and would like to ask a few questions…

  1. How do you apply new firmware on this machine…

ive downloaded the lastest file which seems to consist of a .DA5 file…

Tried burning this file in Nero as an iso but the machine finds the data disc but does not update… Am i missing something…

  1. Just noticed slightly when playing DVD is seems to slightly jitter or the best i can describe the pciture does not seem to pan smoothly… is this the firmware or a possible problem???

  2. Just to help any other users i can confirm this machine plays avi files encoded with qpel… which is a bonus… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


sthorm :cop:


I purchased this player myself this weekend, and am having exactly the same problems…

When i watch MPE4 video it can be best described as “stuttering”, which is very distracting when you watch it…

I’ve downloaded the latest UK firmware “LNMPE018.DA5” and burnt it to both DVD-R and CD-R (both discs single session & finalised). However the player refuses to acknowlege it is on the disc… :frowning:

If anyone knows how to fix the stuttering, or has had success with the firmware - let us know!


…in reply to you both I can say that I’m having the same problems with the update!

At the moment I’m in contact with Liteon via email trying to remedy the situation, although I’m not going to hold my breath!

I’ll let you know if anything happens with them.

Just one more point - have you tried any timer recordings?
I set mine to record a programme every day, so I used the ‘daily’ function, BUT every time I turn the machine on it re-formats the disc and wipes any previously recorded material! It only seem to do this when the daily timer is set though! Weird!