Help AMD phenom IIX4960T overclocking

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I have had every thing set up just the way I wanted it in BIOS , I did a few drivers update , after restart every thing in BIOS is back to default . I don’t remember exactly my setting but I did use AHCI and running it at 3.6gz , I went into bios and did a few things on my own and now windows hang when restart , Need help on overclocking my processor and advice on a good after market cpu cooler nothing to expansive just something good that will do the jop …

I am open to all suggestions and specially with members who have the same processor , I Have been told if with the right setup I can get a little better then 3.6

OS 7 X64 homeP
GeForce GT 630 4G DDR3
16G DDR3 Vengeance 1600

Many thanks If there is more info I forgot to mention Please ask

You shall not overclock without experience…

this is why i am here

:):slight_smile: many thanks

No help
still wating for some one who has AMD cpu to help me tweak

thank u

Is the *T version for overclocking??

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Have a few updates After strugling for a few days big time

Ok so after we got it up to 4.009 prime runs smooth TEP is no more then 38c 39c but we always had the Blue screen so we went up on the memory V blue screen is gon then i ran into an other problem if i rn 2 or more APP the computer keeps restarting and this bothered me alot not to mention i have been taking hard ware in and out to see what is the cause , fresh install of windows , then one of my HDD got messed up and so on

so i keept on trouble shouting and found the cause here it is

By changing the CPU/HT back to 230 from 243 every thing got smoother 100% also went a little hight on the CPU OV and keept on playing with the CPU Ratio started at 15X now as you see i have it at 17.5

will keep going up on the ratio to see how far i can get so-fare i am at 4.01 and very stable before i was at 4.009 and restarting every 15 minutes

Not Please if any one see’s something wrong with the numbers above please let me know to what number i should change it to and why ???

many thanks

Siting on 4.14GHz and happy running smooth

Isn’t is amazing what a little research and perseverance will accomplish? :wink: Congratulations on reaching a nice overclock.

Thank you UTR thank you