Help! Always show "Stack Overflow" after launch BlindWrite 4.2.5

Just like in the thread “When I leunch BlindWrite Suite 4.2.4, it always shows “Stack Overflow””. I got the same problem with BlindWrite Suite 4.2.5…

BriteWrite Suite 4.0.5 can run on my machine without any problem. But after I upgraded to BlindWrite Suite 4.2.5, it always show “Stack Overflow” when launching it…

I have double checked the patin-couffin driver, which is version 10 in control panel.

I also tried to add the MaxSPs=4 (to 12) in [386Enh] of system.ini in Windows, but has no luck to slove the problem as said in thread “When I leunch BlindWrite Suite 4.2.4, it always shows “Stack Overflow””…

After uninstalled 4.2.5 and reinstall 4.0.5, 4.0.5 works fine without any problem…

Does anyone whould like to help us to solve the problem of 4.2.5??

Below is the list of my computer detailed info:

OS: Windows 98 SE traditional chinese w/ IE6 SP1
CD REcoder: Panasonic CW-7586 (IDE 32x8x4)
CD-ROM: Panasonic CR-594 (IDE 48x)
Installed ASPI layer: Adaptec 4.71, NextTech 1.17 & Patin-Couffin version 10.
Burning s/ws: Nero Burning ROM, Clone 4.0.1, CDRWIN 3.9B.
Virtual CD: Nero ImageDrive

CPU: Intel Celeron 700Mhz
RAM: 256M PC-133
HDD: 30G Quantuim 7200rpm IDE

Is it BlindWrite Suite 4.2.x is not compatible w/ Win98 or…??


well… we now think about the problem come from the language translation component.

I think I can solve the problem, but I have a lot of manipulation to do with you.

It is especially difficult because we don’t have successfully reproduced the problems because of W98 chinese version.

PLease contact me by email at

maybe you can try to remove the translation files ( /loc folder )

any person who have this problem should try to contact me ( especially if you have a ICQ or MSN account ) and we will solve this boring issue quickly.