Help! All those DVD types!

Ive been searching in all forums, this seems like an obvious question for some, but for newbies like me its impossible to understand!!


Im completelly lost.

I searched on forums here, and there are no sticky that explain everything.

I tryed to google too, but caint seem to find the good word to have a site that gives what i need.

Anyone have a link that explain all the types, what they means etc please?

Thanks a lot.


Good article here:

What Brand/Model DVD writer do you have? Post that and experienced users of that drive can tell you what works best for them. Manufacturers also usually have a list of compatible/recommended media for their drives. This list grows with each firmware update. Your most useful info will probably come from users of your particular device though. Although each individual set-up produces different results, you can get a good idea. People here LOVE to do quality scans… LOL

Well, to be exact, its been 2 weeks ive been reading reviews over and over to get the best quality writer on market.

I want the writes to be able to be read on my DVD Player, wich can read DivX.

After reading everywhere i made my choice this morning, its gonna be a
LG GSA 4163B

And the Verbatim MCC 003 discs seems to be the best for -R.

I was just pretty confused with all the numbers :slight_smile:

cdfreaks is awesome btw. Thanks whoever is doing all that stuff it helped me a LOT!


MCC 003 is DVD+R !!!

Damn, youre right. its +. But my DVD Player reads + too (LG DVP-9900). i think ill do +r instead. :slight_smile:

Is there much difference from MCC 003 compared to MCC 004? I want the dvds to last forever or /close to it…

MCC004 are 16x discs; MCC003 (if i’m not wrong :doh: ) are 8x discs

forgot to mention i knew that part already :doh: but is the MMC 003 better quality?

EDIT: NM i think I answered my own question already in another thread.


It depend from your burner. For example my lite-on 1633S hate them (burned 8 all turned to coasters :sad: :sad: ). Never tried with my benq 1640, but I haven’t any of these discs right now. Maybe I was unfortunate because picked up a really bad batch because there are many good results with these discs.

It depend from your burner

Nice to know, :cool: i just got a nec 3540a

Where can I buy some MMC 003 blanks exclusively?

Is ok?

EDIT: Or actually where can I buy the good stuff if anybody got reccommended websites.

8x Verbatim DVD+R is exclusively MCC003. The MCC004 discs are the 16x Verbatim DVD+R. is an excellent site to order from. They are right at the top of my list along with