Help Ahead Engineers - why does NeroBurn() SDK function sometimes eject the disc?

Hello Everyone,

I’m using the latest Nero SDK and I’ve now encountered my second situation where I call the NeroBurn() function, I see the drive LED light up for a short while, and the tray is ejected. The NeroBurn function does not return - so it seems like it encountered an error - how can I determine that error? Thanks in advance.

  • Anthony

Are you handling DLG_WAITCD in your userdialog callback by any chance? NeroAPI is probably informing you that a new disc needs to be inserted. It will wait indefinitely until either a different disc is inserted or until the process is aborted. Normally, one would display a wait-cd-type-of-dialog, providing the user with the necessary information and also providing the Cancel/Abort button for process abortion.

Thanks for your quick reply Alex - much appreciated! I’ll determine if the userDialog call-back is being called in this case.

  • Anthony