HELP: After upgrade 1213S@CS0M System very slow



I flashed 1213S@TSD1 (OEM) to 1653S CS0M and now Windows XP (SP2) is very very slow. I discovered in Task Manager that services.exe takes 99% of CPU, only when the drive is connected to the system. Any help?


Using Device Manager delete the IDE channel driver that the drive is connected to and then reboot.


I tried, but it’s the same. Anything else?
The drive is working in terms of reading CDs. I booted up Mandrake Move with no problems. So I think the drive is OK.
Can I try MtkFlash to restore backed up TSD1?


best cure for windows …
Format … Reinstal … Norton Ghost

Btw maybe try to download some reg scan … maybe thats some ActiveX or something problems


Don’t use MTKFlash unless your drive is not detected by windows. If you want to flash a bin file use the Windows Firmware Flasher tool in the tools collection sticky.