Help after first scan

Well I picked up some Maxwell MIJ DVD-R’s tonight. They are MXL RG03 discs. So I burned a dvd and decided to do a scan. This is my first scan so I’m not sure exactly what I’m looking at. I burned the discs at 8x and they were advertised as 8x discs.

How does this scan look? I am using a BenQ 1640 with the firmware it came with. Is there a better firmware I should be using? Thanks for all of your help.

I’d update to BSLB (BSMB has some issues). Scan looks fine. Do some research in the forums here (Benq, Media, etc.) and you’ll pick up alot in a couple of days (such as the answers to your questions).

It is not a complete burn, but for what you have it looks like a perfect match. Very good scan; I wouldn’t mess with the firmware if you get one that works well for the media. BenQs are notorious for being variable. Certain drives work with certain firmware and the newest is not always the best.

Youre scan is good. Just do some research and look at the FAQS

When you want to save your scan, click the floppy disc icon in the yop right of the cd-speed window. Save the image as a PNG. The image will be small in size and very high quality.

Also post the images on this site using the ‘manage attachments’ button when you are posting.