Help Adding Media Code To firmware

I have A LG GSA-4081B Drive And I brought A pack of 25 nexxtech dvd-r 16x My Drive dont read them …at all…and i was wondering what if i had the media code to my firmware? will it work then ? nd if so can someone tell me what the media code for nexxtech it …any help would be greatly appricated

DVDIdentifier will tell you the media code.

I already tryed that my drive just wont read the disc at all the disc goes in and the drive spins a bit the stops nothiin happens…i try the dvd identifier and a error comes up …anyhow i go the media code buy using my friends dvd drive and i switch the code with another media code in my firmware did the update an dit works perfect now :smiley:

Scan your burns on a drive capable of making quality scans, e.g. a Liteon, Benq or Plextor drive.