Help...AC3 2.0 To AC3 5.1 Surround

hi,i like to know how to convert AC3 2.0 Stereo to AC3 5.1 Stereo Surround

i download lot’s of divx movie and the movie come with AC3 2.0 Stereo sound
i want to add in a surround AC3 5.1 to the movie,how i going to do that.

i did get some simple guide from here
,but it’s seem like i’m not an expert in this field. :frowning:
i can’t understand it.anybody can help me pls ?

the only way i’ve heard of is to use besweet gui and add the audio track then set the output to 6 seperate wav files…i could never get it to work…other than that…i wouldn’t bother

Besides the fact that this doesn’t sound very legal, what is the sense behind AC3 2.0 > 5.1 anyway??

ya…when i read the guide on the forums.they use besweet,besweet gui and add audio track to convert it.
i’m even download the soft and the plugin all to try…
but i can’t find an audio (AC3) file to input from the dvd TS AUDIO folder…???

I won’t give up on this study… because i love this kind of stuff.
i start from “zero”
>> how to make a DVD >> how to burn >> how to add subtitle >> TO >> how to convert audio to AC3 5.1/DTS is my lesson now.

It’s just for my personal pleassure,i got lot’s of free time to learn stuff like this after work.
beside i hav a home theater surround system…since i can download and make DVD movie but can’t use it on my surround sys.
dun’t u think is a watse ? :iagree:

You won’t find anything in the AUDIO_TS folder. On the DVD it’s embedded in the VOBs.

Your best bet is to extract it from the original divx files or if you no longer have those you might be able to us DVD Decrypter to rip it from the VOBs.

Bro.TimC,thx for the info
i hav every each of my divx copy store in my DVD-R data disc :bigsmile:
how i going to extract it from the original divx file ?
using what software to extract it ?
if using DVD Decrypter how to do it,bro TimC ?
It’s there any guide in this forum able me to refer. :confused:

I think that any good 5.1 system should be able to play ac 2.0 aswell.

Go to under “Guides”-“Ripping” there is a guide for Decrypter

To extract from a divx file you can use VirtualDubMod. Open the video , go to Streams & Stream list. There you can select the audio stream & demux it.

I hate to say this, but you are ALL WRONG! You cannot get a 5.1 surround track from the 2 channel track. It’s not going to happen. What is wrong with you people? Don’t you know this? Give it up and go get off the net. It’s too much for you.

i also hate to say this but hav to "take a rest,dude.i think you hav a busy day’
pls read carefully what people saying and source providing then only to give your commend it’s not too late to do that.

I agree with [B]JWolf[/B] that it doesn’t make sense to do 2ch > 6ch, even it is possible…

leeloong, how many movie do you want to convert to 5.1???

I agree - it would be wasting space for nothing. Your DVD player or PC can automatically spread the 2 channels to the rear channels and seperate the low frequency range to the subwoofer, but you cannot convert a 2 channel into a true 5.1 surround - There are programs out there that will attempt to emulate that by separating frequency ranges but you won’t get the same effect, it’s useless.

sorry guys,i did it…not bad the quality :bigsmile:
i now can start doing my job now :bigsmile:

Considering that basically all surround receivers can create a simulated 5.1 surround from 2.0 (whether it be Pro Logic, Pro Logic II, or one of the receiver’s other custom simulations), what you are doing is really pointless and a waste of space as has been pointed out.

Basically all that you are doing is creating the simulation on your computer instead of in your receiver, the end result is essentially the same - a simulated surround track created from 2 channels of audio. You’re only wasting your time and space on the disc by doing the conversion on your computer and creating the additional audio channels that would otherwise be processed by your receiver from the original 2 audio channels on the fly. While you could fine tune the simulation if the conversion is done on the computer, most newer receivers do a great job of simulating surround sound. Again, this is basically a waste of time, sorry to say.

Maybe this would help:rolleyes::

worked to me:iagree:

I have been converting stereo 2.0 to 5.1 surround AC3 using (V.I. suite) google it. Using this prog and comparing the results I think VI works well. It’s not a waste of time or space but a preference to what one hears. Just keep trying different ways to reach your goal. VI is a vst plugin used with Vegas, and soundforge

hey all,

I dont know if this applys but with dvds that I have purchased, I have used dvd shrink to rip them on to my system and strip away all the sound except the 5.1.

from there I downloaded a tool called: Auto Gordian Knot DVD to AVI and I have used this to create avi files with 5.1 surround sound. basically from there all you need is a creative 5.1 sound card and the proper cables to plug in to your home theater pc and you’ve got yourself a pretty sweet setup.

I hope this helps all of you.

  • Chase