Help about printer needed

I am looking to buy a Printer a Inkject one to print on CDs and was wondering as i got a cheap offer for a CANON PIXMA Printer iP1800, VGC and wonder if it is useable to print high quiality on to discs?

Help is really appricated.:bow:

The iP1800 is not capable of printing to CD/DVD.

This is off The CD Tray Store page on eBay:

"Tray to Canon Printer Cross reference:
Tray B= iP3000, iP4000, iP5000, iP6000, iP6000D, iP8500, MP750, MP760, MP780

Tray C= iP4200, iP5200, iP6600D, iP6700D, MP950

Tray D= MP500, MP530, MP800, MP830
Tray E= Pro9000, Pro9500

Tray F= iP4300, iP4500, iP5300, MP 600, MP 610, MP810, MP 960, MP970, MX850
Tray G= iP4600, MP980
Sub Tray= Can be used with all printer models and trays.
If your printer model is not listed above then it is not capable of the CD print feature."