Help about "Empty disc" error

Hi i only signed up here to ask about this.
my cd drive have a problem i can put a disc in it reacts but shows no files on the disc saying that if the disc have 4,7gb filled space the disc will have been filled 0 of 0 bytes, also it beginned last time i formated a disc cuz i needed it to be empty after that my disc drive wont show any data any more only saying that i put in a disc with something on but nothing is on the disc. and i need those discs very much:sad:

i got my Need for Speed shift disc in it says “nothing on”

Try deleting your upper and lower filters. There is a link in my signature for that, which will take you to a Microsoft article on the subject. Follow the directions for your particular operating system. Normally, if you are using Windows XP or Vista, you can click on the Fix It button on that page to start the automatic process.