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I am looking for a solution to the following issue:-

I am trying to create a home DVD by joining together a string of .avi files produced by my digital camcorder. I used a s/w called DVD Creator (v6) from Xilisoft to add about 35+ small video clips together & burned a couple of DVD’s (DVD -R). The problem I see is that when I play the DVD in my DVD player (or in windows media player on my PC) the player does not advance from title 1 to the next automatically. I have to keep pressing the chapter forward button on the remote for the player to go on to the next title. Even then it advances only up to chapter 14 out of 37. The funny thing is when I burned a test DVD with only 4 chapters this worked perfectly i.e. the disk played from start to finish without intervention.

So what should I do or what s/w should I use so that the different titles are joined together in the DVD seamlessly ? Also is the screw up because I am joining together too many titles ?

I was thinking that I would create an ISO image or a DVD folder structure using my Xilisoft DVD Creator software & then burn the DVD using ImgBurn. Will that help ?

Please help out with your suggestions. Thanks.


I doubt your post is related to this thread.

You can use a bunch of great free tools to create a PROPER Video-DVD structure/image and then burn it using Imgburn.



[QUOTE=chef;2509452]I doubt your post is related to this thread.[/QUOTE]

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You can find Tools: here


Thanks, your pointer to was useful.

To conclude I have decided on using DVD Flick for putting my videos together & then ImgBurn to author them.