Help about clone cd

hey my naems alen …when i try to load a *.ccd file into the clone cd…i get this error…after press OK “image.sub does not match to image.img”…this file has a cue file…2 sub files…1 ccd file and 1 img file …can someone help me fix this…thx

Mate, you got banned at File Forums for asking this. I’ll leave this thread open but don’t be tempted to insult me, as you did snake2.


Mate, 1 thing i’ve learned in my 3 months on this forum, is don’t insult a member of an active group who’s been there longer than you… because you’re just asking to be buried alive.

And don’t THINK about insulting FutureProof, he’s my mate(I think). :bigsmile:

im not saying this as an insult but i swear…i did’nt mean to insult him…and i was saying that to snake2…not anyone else…srry if i hurt anyone else

so is no one gonna help me…i said im srry…plez guyz

re-make the image?

Well the fact that it is warez doesn’t help.