Help a noob with a 1653S

sup guys, i just got it yesterday and i didnt know too much about it as i was planning on getting a 1633S but saw the 1653 for only 10AUD more and asked the sales lady and she said it had faster DL speed. Anyway, i found these forums and it seems some of you would like benchmarks of it ?

Id be glad to help but unforutantely,
a)Im a TOTAL noob to dvd burning
b)I havent got any DVD Media

I do however have CDr’s so if anyone wants anything please tell me. Also, which media is best for me to use ?

is that good ?

thanks from a noob

Welcome. Lucky you :).

Can you please tell us what version the firmware is. You can use Nero Infotool to find this out. Should be CS??.

Liteon doesnt offer any firmware at all for the 1653S.