Help a Noob Out ^_^


I an really new to burning DVD’s and I’ve been looking around for a program that can burn the AVI’s I have on my computer to a DVD disk.

So, can someone recommend me the easiest to use program, just for burning AVI’s to a DVD disk.

I have tried Nero Vision, but it doesn’t say anything about making a DVD, only CD?

If you can help, it’d be greatly appreciated.

BTW, my drive is a NEC ND3550.


There are a lot of ways to converts avi into DVD.

You need to do many readings, and this is a good site where to start: there are a lot of guides and methods. Try to read something here.

Nerovision express is maybe one of the easyest ways to do this job. Many methods use two or more different tools.

Hmm, convert to DVD? Is that necessary?

All I want to do is burn the AVI files to a DVD disk so I can watch them on my DVD player.

I got Nero Vision working, by the way, one movie took about an hour. I’m guessing that’s normal, but is there anyway to make it faster?

Sorry, probably I misunderstood your question :slight_smile: I thought that your standalone is not able to read avi movies.

To burn a movie on a DVD is simple: create a new “[B]data[/B]” disc, and insert all movies in the compilation.

Do you already have a burning software? I suppose that you have nero burning ROM.

Yeah, I have New Vision.

After I posted this I kinda solved the problem :o

But I have a new question, is there any way to speed up the burning? Like, it takes an hour to burn 1 movie. Is there a program, other than Nero Vision, that does it quicker?

Check better: nerovision convert an avi into DVD before to do the actual burn.

If you want to burn avis unchanged, i.e. leaving files like avi, you must create a data disc with nero, not with nerovision.

Check also if you have DMA enabled: DMA is a must for DVD burnings