Help a newby with 107

I’ve purchased a Pioneer 107. I’m new to dvd burning so I started with a CD just to check out the equipment.

I used Nero to burn the CD. From Nero’s standpoint, the CD burned , no problems. But the busy light never came on the 107 and there was nothing on the disc. I’m thinking its either I’m missing a connection somewhere or I’ve gotten a defective burner.

I’m just learning the Nero dvd burning software but I attempted to use Nero Recode to copy a disc that I’d burned on my Panasonic DMR - E80. When I attempted to burn the disc, the 107 told me to put in a blank disc when I had one in the machine, a Ritek 4X. I then tried a Fuji 2X and got the same message.

Any help, greatly appreciated. At this point I don’t know if its my error, software error, or a defective machine.

It sounds like you had simulation switched on and write switched off.
When copying or authoring a cd/dvd in nero, when you want to burn the compilation/copy hit the burn button then make sure the write box is ticked and the finalize button is ticked the two buttons above determine maximum speed / simulation are up to you if you wish to use them.
If this dosen’t solve your problem are you getting any error messages and what settings within nero are you using and what are you actually trying to copy/do?

I just copied the CD. The disc didn’t burn though Nero said it was burning.

I was just experimenting with Nero Recode. I transferred from the disc to the HD with no problem. It was burning the disc where I got the messages. Nero was not recognizing the disc in the machine.

What I was doing and will be doing … I want to make a lossless transfer of discs I make with my Panasonic E-80. I’m not sure what the best software would be to do that and was just trying Nero Recode.

What did the error msg say. Did burn anything to the cd or was it still blank (if unsure get nero to checkwith “recorder/disc info”).
Are you trying to copy a cd or a dvd? as nero recode is for dvd copying also nero will not copy protected dvd’s ie any original movies.