Help a newbie

jesus christ I knew I’d F@#! up
Okay I have Sony’s 24x I recently bought. I bought a 10 pack of their cd’s. I downloaded a warez version of Nero. version 5 5 4 0

For some reason I can only make images or some S@#! like that. yeah, Images. it doesn’t recognize the drive as a back up uitilty

Lke when I goto: CHoose Recorder. I’m assuming there is supposed to be the name of my burner, but I only see "Image recorder… Virtual Device.

honestly, I’m this close to installing adaptec that came with my burner.

and 2nd honestly, I thought it was just as easy as dragging data on to the left pane, apparently, they have to make everything hard.

FYI, I’m making a data cd here. Thanks for all help in advance

Your problems is most likely because of you have a very new burner, and Nero v5.5.4.0 doesn’t support it.

check out the homepage and see if there is any new version of nero that supports your burner.

Indeed :slight_smile: Install the latest Nero version (unofficial version is also out these somewhere; v5.5.5.6). Don’t install Adaptec… When you get Nero to run you’ll love it.

Originally posted by G@M3FR3@K
When you get Nero to run you’ll love it.

Exactly, WHEN you get it to run… Installed v5.5.5.1 a couple of days ago, and the darn thing made my registry corrupt, and a reinstall of Win98SE couldn’t be avoided (I love Ghost!)

I the two burning apps I use is WinOnCD 3.7PE and CloneCD. I am aware of that WinOnCD isn’t the most technically advanced app, but it does what I want it to do, and have never crashed my computer (yet).

thanks guy sfor the help
I’ll try that stuff out

ehm…maybe you’re running under win xp??

(see related post for ASPI driver using search)


raphels wants to help… thanks for the suggestion raph, but, I’m not running windows XP :wink:

I’ll put this post here, you don’t have to open a new thread for this :wink:

Originally posted by Bono
Thanks again to all that helped me. I got the latest version of Nero and my drive is now showing up in the ‘recorders’ menu. I’ve just bruned my frist cd, successfuly might I add, and it was quick. 3:28!