Help a newbie copy LP's and cassettes



Hi! I recently bought a Lite-On 5005x all-write dvd/cd recorder. I mainly wanted it to copy a bunch of 8mm and VHS videotapes and it’s worked great for that. I have not been able to figure out how to burn my LP’s and cassette tapes to CD-R/CD-RW. It looks like it burns but when I try to play the discs in my CD player or computer there is no sound. The turntable is connected thru a receiver (phono in) and then into the DVD/CD recorder thru the tape jacks. I have even tried running audio cables from the headphone jack into the cd recorder input. Am I hooking up the system incorrectly? Using the wrong media? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have a hundred or so rare LP’s I like to get onto CD. Thanks much - CRASHCUP


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I assume that you are using the line input to your sound card but what software are you using to record this input?
I have a setup here that allows me to do what you want to do and have no problem obtaining great recordings. The software that came with my sound card (creative ) even allows me to remove noise etc.


@ weedougie I think you miss understanding what crashcup is saying! He is not using a PC to try and record his LP’s he is using a Set top DVD recorder.

Welcome to the forum crashcup I’m not sure if you can do what you are trying with your Lite-On 5005x dvd/cd recorder but but if you have a look in the Lite-On DVD Recorder and Player Forum you find some answers or the members over there can help you


Oops quite, so I can only say that the change to BST has got me confused, my apologies. :doh:
However I would recommend that the recordings are done on his computer as there is far more control over the quality of the finished recording. If he has rare Lp’s then it would be worth the investment of a DVD/CD burner alone. :iagree: