Help a newbie! CloneDVD error: Write error 10 5

I just installed my first DVD burner, a Pioneer A07-XLA, and I’m using Clone DVD and AnyDVD to try and back up my movies. I was successful with the two discs that came with the burner (both JVC brand) but have scrapped three in a row from a new spindle of Verbatime Digital Movie DVD+R’s (they look like a film reel). I have gotten all the way through and then get a Write Error 10 5 error from CloneDVD. Are these crappy DVD+R’s or am I doing something wrong? Here’s a summary:

Cruel Intentions 3 on JVC DVD-R: Perfect!
Club Dread on JVD DVD-RW: Perfect!

Cowboy Bebop the movie on Verbatim DVD+R: Trash!
Club Dread on Verbatim DVD+R: Trash!
The Score on Verbatim DVD+R: Trash!

Please help because I don’t want to throw away anymore DVD+R’s!

Please try to set the Write Speed to maximum (default).
What CloneDVD version are you using?

It’s version I’m about to try what you recommended. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for the help.

Take a look here

Clone DVD released many version after