Help a new member, Are GoBack and DVD Shrink incompatible?

Hi guys and gals,

I need a little help and this group has the knowledge.

Today I installed my first DVD burner, a Liteon. It came with Nero 6,3. I also installed the latest version of DVD Shrink. My computer is home built Athlon 2800XP with 1 GB RAM, two hard drives the burner and a CD burner along with an ATI 9600XP video card. I am running winXP Pro.
I also have Symantec GoBack 4.0 installed which has saved my butt on a number of occasions.

I successfully burned my first DVD, My Cousin Vinny, and noticed that my whole GoBack history had disappeared. This also happened to a friend so it certainly is a problem.

Can anyone help me understand why this is happening? I will send a note to Symantec but they generally are not too helpful.

TIA for any help.

Jerry the newbie

GoBack works by recording every change to your hard disk so it can then revert those changes, as such there is only a limited amount of space that be used on your hard disk to backup changes. A process like compressing a DVD results in a huge amount of disk write operations and if you’ve written 8 GB of data to rip a DVD and another 4.7 GB, GoBack can’t remember all of those changes. Defragging your hard disk would have a similar result on GoBack revert points.

Patatrox, I think you have the right idea since GoBack does shut down when defragging.
I have 8GB reserved on my hard drive for GoBack. I can’t imagine that there is that much activity when ripping a DVD. Do you think ripping actually uses up 8GB of disk space?
I guess it’s possible.

I’ve had some experience supporting GoBack, so yes ripping and re-encoding result in many many many disk writes, previous versions of GoBack did not shutdown when defragging so at the end of the defrag all revert points were lost.