Help a complete noob

just purchased a lg4163 from the reviews and such on this site.
that was the easy part… :slight_smile:
now how to get started?
I have read this site thru and thru and im sure I have missed anything or everything that I need to get started. :confused:
how do I go about burning a dvd? I have several movies on my harddrive that I would love to burn to dvd.
what programs do you guys recomend I need?
what programs do what?
Be easy on me guys. Im not the best at this computer stuff…

I would suggest reading thru the DVD movie backup and copy software forum.
in the commercial apps CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD are excellent. for freeware programs I would suggest DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink.

When you say “movies on my hard drive”, exactly what file type are they? If you aren’t sure what the extensions mean, go here:

Get the latest version of GSpot, it’ll tell you the file type, what codecs you might need to play a file, and other information.

There are freeware conversion programs that do AVI to DVD fairly well. Here are a couple: Search for VSO DivxToDVD.

For commercial DVDs, see the previous post. Good luck. :slight_smile: