Help a brother out?



Ok I have been download some movies from a warez site, and they are in the ace formate, and I have winace, so I un aced them, and I got an asf, file and I didn't have the right windows media player to play it, so I am downloading it now, but when I want to know is, the movie is in 8 files, I.e. blah1/2.ace, blah1/2.c00 blah1/2.c01, blah1/2.c02, and blah2/2.ace, blah2/2.c00, blah2/2.c01, blah2/2.c02, and I want to know if there is a program that will put all of the asf files, togther into one asf file, also, I unaced blah1/2.ace and it wouldn't get the onther files, i.e blah1/2.c00-c02, and I don't know how to make this work, can someone explan this to me, I want to put this movie on a cd, so thats why I want to make it one file, also if anyone has any other info for me, please tell me, thanks