Help 99min and pioneer dvd probs

i have burnt a 99min cdr to 97min something using nero and my 40125s (running vs08 48125w) burn was sucessful, but ive tried it in my pioneer 105 dvd drive and it makes horrible noises. it works in the liteon and a richo 7120, but not in a pioneer 106 we have at work, same horrible noises. my question is this:

  1. should i flash back to vs06 as there seems to be alot of people complaining about the vs08 firmware.

  2. what settings should i be using in nero’s iso section eg. mode1 or mode2, 31 characters or 11+2 etc.

  3. by changing the above will it be possible to burn 97-99min and still play it in my pioneer dvd, if not what is the max read of a 106 drive.

Cypher00,7 my Pioneer 106S will not read overburned cds either.

It is not a problem with your Liteon and I would stick to the vs08 firmware- it always gave me the least problems.

any cds over the 80minute mark break the standard for cds and so some devices cant read cds over that size. I would recommend not using 99min cd’s since they arent that compatible just use 80mins.

AFAIK only CD-RW can read overburnt 99min cds, DVD-ROMs can’t … i could be wrong however



Originally posted by hady
AFAIK only CD-RW can read overburnt 99min cds, DVD-ROMs can’t … i could be wrong however

The problem may be either (or both) of the following

  1. The quality of the CD is low and the pioneer drive can’t read it properly. (Likely since most 99min cdr manufacturers are the dodgy ones)

  2. The pioneer drive doesn’t support 99 minute cd’s
    (highly likely)

In addition, the maximum addressable data sector is only up to 90mins (according to original cd standards) so 99 minute data cd’s are unlikely to work in many CD/DVD drives, but will also work in many newer/better quality drives.

99 min cd’s should really only be used for Audio for best compatability.

Of course it really comes down to drive manufacturers as well. I have a pioneer 16x DVD-116 and 115 and they are very media picky and they do have a little trouble reading oversize >>80min cd’s.