Help 52327s,problems with CDRW 24x & 32X

I have 2 CDRW Verbatim 24x and 1 CDRW Verbatim 32x, when trying to read or write with nero, burnatonce v.0.99.5, Alcohol 120 v.1.9.2 i got a power calibration error, which is accompanied with a strange scraping sound from the Ltr-52327s.rev1.
Both disks are recognised from SmartBurn v3.18 as :
Drive Type = CD-RW
Disc Type = NORMAL CD-RW
Material = Phase Change
Lead In = 97:34:24
Lead Out = 79:59:74
Nominal Capacity = 702.83MB
Manufacturer Maybe = Mitsubishi Chemicals Corporation
SMART-BURN Speed Limit = 24X (Write) or 32x (for Verbatim32x)

I have used these two Verbatim disks with LG52x24x52 and Teac52x24x52 writer and there was no problem. In fact 2-3 months ago I was succesfully writing to Verbatim 24xCDRW but now I have this problem!???
the firmware is QSOE.
I have olso and other problems when trying to write on Verbatim crystal Azo 48x, the same as above, but no problems with Verbatim crystal Azo 52x.
I’ve cleaned the lens, but the same, tryed on another computer, again the same???
Does my device wait to be thrown away :-(((??? it’s age is 1,3 year.

the situation got more complicated, my lite-on device starts recognizing almost all my CD-s as Nominal Capacity = 230.57MB ???!~! it’s even worst, few of the disks are now unreadable from the device and all the writen disks made from this moment are useless.
Did my Ltr-52327s is already dead???

I think your drive is dead. My 52327S rev.1 with QS0E works very well on the 24X and 32X discs.