HELP : 5055GDL+ HD Backup problem



Hi All ,

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I wanted to backup my 5055s HD . I’ve got a lot of family videos on HD and I’m already a bit of a backup freak so I wanted to make sure that I didn’t lose them in the event of a HD failure . You can see where this is going already , can’t you .

Anyway , yesterday I bought a Conceptronic USB to IDE adapter . I removed the Liteons HD and connected it up my USB adapter (jumper removed) . I booted up my PC and got a nice little “new hardware” detected message . A few seconds later I got the “your new hardware hasn’t been inslalled properly” message . I had a quick look in explorer and there was no drive showing . At this point I started to see distaster looming . I disconnected the HD and put it back into the Liteon (cable select) . I switched it back on and after a looooong time I eventually got an error message 0x??? (didn’t write it all down) telling me to quote this reference to Liteon support .

OK , I’m now in panic mode . I connect the HD to my own PC on the IDE bus and set it as slave . I power up the PC and bingo , I’ve got my LITEONFAT partition with all my subfolders in tack . Just out of curiousity I opened Partition Magic to look at the drive and it instantely gave me an error says that the LBA and CHS values were different on this drive and would I like to fix this error . I said NO (for now anyway) . I’ve now copied all the LITEONFAT subdirectories/files onto another PC but I’m now not quite sure what to do next . I presume my IDE-USB adapter changed something on the HD . I don’t know if I should let Partionmagic fix the errors it’s found and then try the drive again ?
I have read another post about the cluster size on this disk (fat32formater c-128 ) . Obviously I’ve still got information on it so I’d rather not format the drive .

Thanks for any help .



Hi again .

I’ve just fixed the errors using partion magic and the drive is now working again in the Liteon . Just for future reference I wouldn’t advise using a IDE-USB converter for backup purposes . At least not a Conceptronic one anyway .