HELP:5001 clock problems

Okay so I have two of these machines.
I figured out the 3 hour recording mode thing, it is an extra mode for anyone else wondering so if your recorder has the following modes:
1,2,4,6 hours
after the hacked firmware upgrade you will have
1,2,3,4,6 hours
Does anyone know the resolution and bitrate for the 3 hour mode?

But I still have trouble with the clock, if I turn off either machine the clock advances at maybe a minute an hour.
Seeing as this is happening on 2 out of my 2 machines (100% :slight_smile: ) I figured it must be happening to someone else.
Anyone ??

This is a known problem without a fix, yet.

It is more like one minute very 2 or 3 days.
This is similar to older PCs that won’t keep time properly because of the inaccuracy of their timer.

It will help to have owners email the DVD recorder support and ask for a fix, although this may be a hardware limited problem

Another feature that we should request is that the timer recording doesn’t support Monday to Friday type of recurring recording which almost every VCR I know of do support.


Wow, so how do people with clocks that don’t work record?
As my machine is actually a Daytek I dunno if Liteon will care but I will email them anyways.

dvdrer - see this post by robbie-uk for the 3hr specs

thanks jm1647.

I think I misread DVDRER’s question. The clock works fine on the LVW5xxx except it is a little fast (by one minute every few days).

I don’t know anything about the Daytek that you have, I assume LiteON is the OEM for the Daytek.

Yup, I think you did.
The Daytek is just a rebadged LiteON.
When I open it up the motherboard is a LiteON part, the drive is a LiteON part, the case looks like a LiteON etc etc.
There are at least a couple of clones out there, one by Gateway and one that Walmart sells, an IO I think.
I don’t have the problem of the clock being fast I have the problem of the clock not running at all, or as close as you can get.
Anybody ran into this?

Well I opened up one of the machines again.
It doesn’t look like anything is blown, not a crystal or anything else for that matter.
The only thing I could figure out was that the battery doesn’t seem to want to hold a charge.
After a couple of hours the battery is completely dead.
Anybody have any knowledge of clock circuits?
Like I said I have 2 of these and they both have exactly the same problem.

@dvdrer - I have no knowledge about the circuitry but there are some good tech types out there that might respond if they are familiar.